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Looking for erosion control contractors in San Bernardino County? We service San Bernardino.  From Residential to Commercial work, we provide affordable soil stabilization solutions.  We also offer dust control, hydroseeding, and construction site clean up.  Our estimates are free.

We offer emergency response service as needed.

We comply with all BMP recommended erosion control procedures and techniques in order to protect the environment.


California state regulations require stormwater management for all construction sites.  

When would you need erosion control?

Erosion happens when wind and/or water remove soil or rock from a property and compromise the value of the land. Erosion control aims to stop this process while also having an eye for preventing water pollution, wildlife habitat loss and human property loss. So, a landowner, commercial business or industrial agriculturalist would need erosion control if they feel that they are losing land value due to erosion.

Signs your San Bernardino property needs erosion control.

Bald Spots

Bald spots are areas where vegetation will not grow due to strong wind or water factors.

Exposed roots

if you start seeing roots from your trees then the wind may be taking away the top soil. Place a mark on the current level and keep an eye on it.

Exposed rocks

are you starting to see more rocks around your property? This can be a sign that erosion is occurring because the soil which once hid them is now gone.

Channels and gullies

water and wind work together to cut through the earth and create channels and gullies. If you see signs of this call a professional right away as this can be the beginning of a serious problem.

If you live in the San Bernardino area and need stormwater management or other forms of erosion control for a construction project or to protect your property then call the reliable experts at BMP Contractors, Inc.

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